Stoltzfus Digital Abstract Art - A "New" Style - A "New" Experience   

 A "New" Style - A "New" Art - A "New Experience



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We are on Facebook at - and all the images are available to print, if there is a certain image you would prefer that is not listed in our store, please contact us. 


Sometimes there are notes left with our images on FB, sometimes there are exceptions to where it is more than a note, it is a feeling and sometimes those feelings are overwhelming. The one on top of that list was posted on Feb 21st 2013 by Jenny Murphy-Shifflet -

John, I shared your work with my youngest daughter who has a cognitive disability and is unable to talk. Her eyes said it all as we scrolled through your work. She loved the colors and was smiling and raising her eyebrows in interest. Thank you for making her day.


The following is what the Facebook fans posted on our Timeline :)

Awesome..Great work

Like your work, John.....definitely pleasing to the eye!!!!

Your art is inspiring like a kaleidoscope!

. I've enjoyed looking through your art. Wonderful work.
cool stuff

New liker

Hey, John... nice portfolio! :)

there is some cool imagery on your artist page too -



I love the transparency in your work... I would be very gladif you visit my page and " like it, if you wish... =))
Have a great day...

Love your artwork. Love the colors and the emotion of them.

Your creations are simply AMAZING!! You definitely have 2 new fans :)

Beautiful works of art!

Love the simplicity of your work, lovely~ C

share for share????

Very cool and unique work.

I am really enjoying exploring your work. Some of it is very Zen.

Lovely work. Lots of photo-based abstract, quite enjoyable! :)

Love your abstracts. I've been thinking about trying this myself.

I've never had so many likes!!!!!! I really do love your artwork * hug*

Your page is awesome and I love all the work :D

had a lovely visit to your page this evening...impressive body of work!!!

I see you have have a very Interesting and distinct style John! Keep sharing...

Cool! Interesting! Keep it up.

All of your works are amazing!!!!!!

I've just had a like fest on your work!

Cool work John! Really feeling inspired too. I'm currently teaching myself digital art! Getting there hopefully I adore Abstract art well done! ;-)

I enjoyed looking at your work!

read your process, wow!

Thank you john I liked you work and and page too

Over 1200 likes. You are doing well!!

Johnny boi, u rock my soul..the colors take u into the design

Very nice! I wish I were more adept at doing abstracts.

Thank you! Your work is awesome!

Great work! I can ponder all of it for a while....

For the best man' ... peace and cheers from France

Hey John, your work looks great! KOOOL!

Lovely work, really like your page :>)

Lovely work John.

Lovely, original art John. Love it!

Glad to have found your page John

Your work is amazing!

Interesting work, love it.

I love the complexity of your designs. Happy to meet you. :)

I like your art! It is very interesting and meditative!

Hey John, love your work! wow I am very inspired! xo

Your work is beautiful John!

Your photos look like something I would paint!

Very interesting stuff you are creating digitally.  



loving your page, Great work! :)

Hi - loving your work - creative, colourful and unique - well done, have fun creating.

Very interesting work John.

Your imagination with colours and the flow of the light is really fantastic I am so glad I came across your facebook page ,

Great art!

John--what wonderful works of art--I feel like a kid in a candy shop!!

GRACIAS!! Graciela!!
It's all so wonderful

You are very talented and you have amazing work.

Your work is quite amazing!

all fabulous here

What a mysterious, amazing page you have.
Your art is totally it!! :)

.Congrats for what are you doing.

Amazing paintings.. colorful and full of life.. love them all.. well done !!

Love your artwork.. :-))

❤Beautiful page!!!❤(。♥‿♥。) ♪♫• *

Great colours here, nice work.

also your page is wonderful!
You got yourself some awesome work to.
There seems to be a lot of sacred geometry inspired works. Really nice.

Awesome art works
Lovely work, I like!

Very cool what have seen so far and look forward to more.

John, these are wonderful and interesting pieces of art! Very imaginative! I love all the color and interesting designs! :)

These are all beautiful works of art!

Nice work John.. good to find some abstract minds. Have a great day.

Great Art John!

I really enjoyed all of your work!

Thank you. I like ur work alot!1

Oh my gosh, what gorgeous work. They look like a kaleidoscopes. I love them all but I really like the Star Burst and Cosmic Array and....... : )

Beautiful work John!
As your latest fan, I'm a bit blown away by your work John.. very next level! Love your colors!!

your work is awesome amazing works!

I love your work!

Amazing work !

Hello from your newest LIKER!

Beautiful work! I'm lovin the colourplay:)) AWESOME!

amazing work :)

Très beau travail félicitation et bravooooooooooooooooo.

Inspiring work; thanks for dropping in and introducing yourself and your page I love fractals in particular!

Some very cool stuff. Great designs and wonderful color.

your works a fantastic, looking forward to seeing more of your creations ♥

Beautiful work!

Thanks John for the like - love your abstracts!

Very interesting artwork, John. I use some computer-based algorithms to construct some of my geometric paintings, but I paint them by hand.

Cool stuff!

Hi John thanks for stopping by my page and inviting me to your page a great folio of work :-))

Glad I got a chance to have a look at your work. Looking forward to more in the future.

I´am impressed - very awesome, nice and interesting art!! :))

beautiful, John.

Wow!! Great work. Love the colours :)

Wonderful stuff here John! Fantastic!

Great work John! Feel free to check out PA artists too!

yours is so beautiful as well .. al the best

! I enjoyed your gallery too! very nice works! looking forward to seeing more! :)

Hello, thank you for liking my page, and for your kind words. Your works are quite impressive.... Wow!

Your work is so very interesting and beautiful.

I've come over to take a look at your work, which is really lovely, fantastic depth. Lavender.

Your work is very interesting! Really like it! One can get mesmerized looking at it! Good meditation art!

a huge hello and new like from me...keep in touch! x

I love your work!

I love your choose of colors. Very nice

great stuff John! saw your name on LinkedIn I believe!!

Wonderful find John and brilliantly executed..

John, your work is impressing me more and more every day. Your color palette is spectacular . Keep up the great work.

I like your work John...Interesting - bold and colorful.

Thanks John, excellent work.

Cool! :)

Very interesting work John !

such vibrant artwork.

Hi John i actually like your stuff which has surprised even me i love the different texture through your works which amazes me every time especially with computers.

Wonderful work.

HI John, make that 502 - your work is just dazzling! Are you using watercolor?

Nice page!

I found your page on LinkedIn. Great stuff. Your circular pieces have a modern mandala quality that is really cool.

Very interesting work. I love the colorful images.....would love to see you pick up a paint brush!

Hi John, I enjoyed seeing your works! :-)

Fine work !

cool work! had to go see ow you did it, very interesting

Great works!

Some lovely Shapes and gorgeous colour combinations John!

Your artwork is beautiful!

I liked your art.... it is amazing, what lines can do with us... faszinating....

Hey John! Nice to connect... good to see your vibrant work, I like this!

Your works are Amazing
Keep up the good work
Really interesting stuff, John. I like it.

I love your style, John!
John, all I can say is WOW!

Really interesting to see your work, fab - thank you so much for sharing. Love Marie xxxx

I really enjoy your art work too!

Thank you for the link amazing artwork! :)

Beautiful work, John.

Really like your work John

Good work John, thanks for the emotion,Keep looking.Good luck!

Beautiful work! 

Love the amazing colors you use
Nice work, John!

You're a talented artist.

Great work, very interesting! Keep it up.

Keep up the imagination

wonderful art! makes my day brighter...

Beautiful images! :)

John, your colors, flowing movement, delicate perceptions....feel.....wonderful! A big admirer here!

Some fantastic creations on here. Colours, colours and more colours - just my type of thing.

very cool art!!

Great work!

Very cool stuff :)

Absolutely LOVE your designs - very cool stuff!! :)

Hello John and thanks:) Delighted to touch base. Enjoying your work too. Will look forward to seeing more:)

I am sharing your art. Wonderful,

Wow, your work is great :)

Wonderful art work!!

beautiful work !

Lovely page John!

John, your art is impressive

I love your work, John!

Love the art work, very visually stimulating.

I love your designs and their expressions!

Lovely work here John.

Congratulations John! This is a wonderful page! Wish more friends will come and see! ♥ ♥ ♥

Hi John, cool artworks here, returning the love from

Beautiful Art John!

some awesome stuff here!

totally LOVE your work!

All the best from ** in Germany! :o))

Cool Page !

Cool! great work.

Very good works! 

Very nice! I like it...

Beautiful images!

Nice page!!

Awesome work, John!

great work! really interesting process, love the results!

Hi Jon, your art is amazing, exquisite and beautiful. It is a joy to see wat you are creating. All te best. Tarja p.s. please excuse te spelling mistakes, my pc as lost all its letter H:s=)

I know nothing about digital art - but this is very impressive stuff!

Very interesting work.

Hello John, Nice work.

Wonderful work!

Great work
Very sophisticated work John - "LIKED" your Page !!!

Thanks for the Like and stopping by my page John...your work is REALLY interesting! I look forward to seeing more :)

Hi, nice page! I liked

Wonderful work and I'm happy to return the like. Wishing you much success

Your work is amazing! returning the like:)

Excellent work!

Lovely work, makes painting quite obsolete...! I've tried doing similar images but only have Photoshop as my friend....

Beautiful Art John :)

Really interesting and creative work !! You are definitely a talented fella :)

beautiful Art.

Love the light in your work !!
John, thanks for liking my page. I am so excited to see your work. It is so cool. I love the colors and compositions.

Very cool and interesting pieces.
Let us know if you have a showBottom of Form

Amazing John! very clever and very creative.

your art must be a very relaxing for you as it feels relaxing to look at :

Cool work man!
This is great work. Thanks for joining my page; it's lovely to see you there. Wishing you All the Very Best, Sue.

Thank you for visiting my page. Your works are beautiful.

Amazing work John, thanks really enjoyed looking thru xx ♥

Returning the hello and like. Love, love, love your art ! I envy you for doing work like this.

new page fan

now that is good digital stuff! great graphics and composition. Thanks for the like,

Continue to explore the complex field of digital art and share with us new creations !

Hi John, Thank you for the like I appreciate it very much, I have liked your page and your art some good art work. Kind regards

Very cool work John.

Love your work John

it's wonderful John...
Great work John! All the very best Alan

Nice Work John, what is your medium, photos?

This is really cool! Nice work John.
Great work, love the colours!!! Thanks for visiting my fb page, I"ve "liked" yours too.

haunting immages.

look forward to seeing more of your art :)

Nice work!

Creating abstract art I have found to be a lot more complicated than contemporary realism! I paint what I see, you have to see in your imagination and create what you have in mind. Way harder to do!
I LOVE IT, fantastic work John, really hits the soul. In particular, I like the one at the top of the page.

John, what interesting, engaging work! I've just Liked your page.

Very interesting!!!

If you get around to converting your photographs into actual pieces then do send me details. Some of the 3d block pieces remind me a little of Howard Hodgkin whose work I admire and collect occasionally.

Thanks for finding me on Linked in, great work, love the style and use of colour!

Hi John, found you on linkedin - enjoying your work!

admire your artwork!
Liking your work what fantastic work you have!

I'm now visiting your page and loving your work.

Interesting work!

Hi John:) Thank you for the visit and your comment.
Looking forward to know more about your creations.
like your artwork, check out my page

Thanks for visiting MoE on Facebook,I enjoyed your impressive digital art.

Thanks for liking my page John. Digital art is tough for me, but I really like your work!

very nice artwork, I love the crispness and clarity of color.

Beautiful work and thanks for sharing it on my timeline.
John, your work is crazy cool, I love it!!!! Whats's the medium?
Thank you very much for sharing it with me

Interesting work John, amazing what one can create now days.

I like your stuff too John

Cool work - saw your post on linked in - Top of Form

Hi John, I like what you've done so far.

beautiful poetic work John

I found you via Linkedin. Your artwork is phenomenal! I love abstracts. Yours are computer generated I presume? Very cool.

I love the transparency in your work...

Your artwork is phenomenal!

beautiful poetic work John

John, your work is crazy cool, I love it!!!!

very nice artwork, I love the crispness and clarity of color.

Thanks for visiting MoE on Facebook,I enjoyed your impressive digital art.

it's wonderful John...

Continue to explore the complex field of digital art and share with us new creations !

Love the light in your work !!

Amazing John! very clever and very creative.

John, all I can say is WOW!

Hi John, your art is amazing, exquisite and beautiful. It is a joy to see what you are creating.

totally LOVE your work!

Your art is inspiring like a kaleidoscope! I just found your art and love it! I collect kaleidescopes, so your art reminds me of what I see when I look through one. Gorgeous!

Your Abstract Art work is beautiful. Several remind me of the beautiful Ladies Brooches in the 1950 - 1960 era.

Witaj:) Pięknie tu u Ciebie ! your work!

Very lovely abstract art! Thank you for stopping by my page earlier today. Your colors are beautiful and
very kaleidoscopic! Thanks for sharing!

Wow. Remarkable art

Wow...this is awesome! I was reading your notes and unbelievable that you make this from solidworks! I am a Design Engineer for a mfg company making air conditioning units... I use Solidworks everyday. Never have I seen anything like your art! What an inspiration!

Kudos to you for doing something so unique and awesome!

Wow John have never seen abstract as good as this's like something out of the matrix with just so many dimensions to each one...they all seem to have depth to them. If you get too many and need to clear some space let me know...:))

what stunning work John....where does the inspriation and talent come from???? I'm flat out getting a stickman to turn out!!!!!

Wow, beautiful works! My compliments!

seeing your art is like walking on a beautiful colorful dream. good luck with all.

Your work is really interesting. The color choices are symetrically balanced. Not too overpowering either.


Lovely work, John - I especially like the cover shot with all that beautiful blue!

beautiful images....


Brilliant, all amazing :)

great work John. I'm excited for you as well. That is a HUGE compliment from Solidworks.

Your banner and avatar are beautiful!! Fabulous work!!! Thank you!
Awesome Heart Art Brother! :D

Hi John, solid work! wonderful!
complimenti John per la pagina...!

your work is stunning, you can see so much in it and something more when you look again!

Your Work is Hilarious ..... Wow......... ♥♥♥ xxxxx

great work,
‎" I love it & I appreciate this creativity :) "

oooh - lots of fun artwork! I especially like the blue you are using in your header. Thanks also for checking out my FB page. :-)
Awesome work!! Love the vibrant colors!!

Thank you John for the pleasure and experience of viewing your art. I feel excitement, inspiration and much respect. Thank you for sharing your creative expression with us.

I look forward to returning and viewing your work often. Thank you for your gift. Blessings to you.

Hi John, finally got a minute to check out your work- WOW I like that there are little bits of some thing recognizable in the bits here and there is it adds to the mystery as I keep saying how was that made? and of course the overall mood some of the pieces strike me with is WOW....tehcnology is a pwerful tool- glad youare making such obvious good use of it!

I have learned to like abstract art a lot more! Thanks to You John Stoltzfus :). Your work is beautiful!

it's very colorful in here, I like :)

John! Great page you've got here.

Wow!I like you Wonderful art! Nice job:-)! Thank you !

Simply fascinating work John!. Keep it up

Very cool Art John, really enjoy looking at it!

I really enjoy your work!

I love to see other artists doing what they love, celebrating and sharing it - its inspiring! :)

Interesting designs! :)




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