Stoltzfus Digital Abstract Art - A "New" Style - A "New" Experience   

 A "New" Style - A "New" Art - A "New Experience


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Custom Digital Abstract Art Graphics

A Certified SolidWorks Professional - Advanced Sheet Metal Specialist CSWP, I have used SolidWorks since 1997.  SolidWorks is one of the top Mechanical Design Software used in the 3D Modeling & Manufacturing Industry and is easy to learn & use.  I use SolidWorks on a daily basis, creating either Special equipment or fabricated items.  Below are some design renderings done with SolidWorks

The other "New" use is - using SolidWorks for the creation of a different Digital Abstract Art




SolidWorks CEO Bertrand Sicot (Left)


SolidWorks VP of Product Management - Fielder Hiss

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